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Re: Bugzilla [EPEL package] problem

On Mon, 28 Jan 2008, Tony Molloy wrote:

bug number, and which bugzilla Version, please; I am pretty
familiar with the code and packaging it, as I have done so
seperately from the EPEL effort for some time.


looks like some of the perl CGI scripts are not yet labelled properly to co-exist with enforcing in this packaging -- at least index.cgi and userprefs.cgi

The candidates to label are found with:
	rpm -ql bugzilla | grep cgi
and we can see they are in:

The sourced config file in that directory:
was the one that I as thinking of that needed better handling in the packaging that I had seen (from my notes) 7 months ago.

The obvious short term workaround pending the update is to drop to permissive, which may or may not work in your environment.

-- Russ herrold

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