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Re: EPEL steering committee future

On 30.01.2008 20:23, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> [...] As I
> mentioned in my earlier mail, another member wants to leave sooner or
> later. I meant myself with that -- I'm doing the EPEL chairmen job for
> about one year now (and was FESCo chairmen before that for round about a
> year as well). It was fun most of the time, but it's time for me to move
> on and time for fresh blood, new ideas and new people in EPELs lead. I
> also would like to get a bit more free time to finally get RPM Fusion
> started (including repos with Fedora-unwanted stuff built for EL + EPEL;
> if you want to help with that let me know!).

That also means that I'd like to get rid of some of my duties sooner or
later. Here is a rough list of tasks I do / did (I suppose I'll miss a
lot, but time will tell):

- maintain the wishlist -- mail fedora owners when new stuff gets added,
remove stuff that got added to the repos

- writing the reports once a weeks (which includes the meeting
summaries; see below)

- keeping the wiki update and in a good shape (best to subscribe to all
EPEL pages and look at all commits)

- make the list works; e.g. make sure that problems get solved,
questions answered; most of the time that will work automatically, but
sometimes mail from fresh contributers don't get answered and then I
took care of it

I'll continue to do some of the tasks for now if time permits, but if
anybody is interested to take over a task let me know. I'd especially
like to get rid of the wishlist job and the reports. Any volunteers?

I also maintained the Schedule in the wiki, send the list of topics to
the list before the meeting and wrote the meeting summaries. I suppose
the new chairmen has to take over these tasks or find somebody to help
him with them.


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