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Re: Unstable EPEL? (frequent package updates)

Stephen John Smoogen schrieb:
Ok the big problem is that there are multiple types of users for EPEL,
and each group seems to wax and wane in asking for things. Several
months ago, the people who wanted to have newer stuff regularly versus
once a quarter asked and got enough push to get it done.

I think you are right that there are different types of users. You can't make
everyone happy.

But it is not (at least from my pov) about monthly vs. quarterly releases. I
really like monthly updates. But the EPEL policy (as I read it) states that
version updates should not happen unless there is a really good reason. IMHO
the question whether to push new packages on a quarterly, monthly or daily
basis is completely separate.

I would love to be able to have different channels for each of the
types of releases that people want, but everyone wants something

That's why I think we should concentrate on the stable policy. If the
infrastructure gets in a shape that we can serve an unstable branch (and we
have the volunteers to do it!), we could extend EPEL's focus.

Felix Schwarz

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