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Re: Unstable EPEL? (frequent package updates)

Stephen John Smoogen schrieb:
I guess I need help parsing in what you are meaning by stable. are you meaning:

A) el5/nethack-3.4.3 should always be el5/nethack-3.4.3 with only
patches to that version of the software?

A) with the exception that there can be 'good reasons' (like security fixes can not be backported, version update has huge benefits because XYZ) that a package should be updated. Especially because EPEL is driven by volunteers so we don't have the manpower to do too much backporting.

The only time I have seen strong commitment to a stable branch is when
things break... and then it is forgotten a month or two later.

I guess you are right :-)
But I know some packagers who don't bring their packages into EPEL yet because they want a version that is 'here to stay'. Therefore python-beaker is not yet in EPEL (probably the 1.0 version will). pyPdf was not updated too.

And the old version of python-zope-interface currently blocks 3-4 other packages of mine but I'm very hesitant to update that library so I guess I will wait until I can make sure that there will be no backwards compatibility problems.


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