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Stupid question

FC3 -> RHEL4.

FC6 -> RHEL5.

Presumably, F9 -> RHEL6.

With me so far?

How is maintainership handled when RHEL is based on a Merged (WRT
Core/Extras) Fedora?  Pre-merge, Core->RHEL and is maintained by RH folk,
and Extras->EPEL, and is maintained by the community.  Post-merge, there
are lots of packages maintained or co-maintained by community folks that
are either historically Core or might be considered so in the process of
choosing packages for RHEL6.

Let's say a package was brought into Fedora and is maintained by a non-RH
person, and RH wants to put it in RHEL6.  Who maintains it?  The current
maintainer or someone in RH?  What about EPEL?  Presumably not an EPEL
candidate then?

Normally, I couldn't care less whether someone is RH or non-RH from a
maintainer perspective, I'm just curious about how the above will work. 
Probably a non-issue.


novus ordo absurdum

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