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Re: Stupid question

Jon Ciesla wrote:
So if, say, I maintain a package that goes into RHEL, I can expect a new

I don't know if there is any rule that there should be. I doubt we have any process to force that or past experience to count on but I expect any maintainer in RHEL to want to participate in the maintenance of the branches in Fedora too. Otherwise between a few years of jump between RHEL releases, they would not have much insight into the changes that go upstream and resulting feedback from end users which would be a critical thing when they get to own it for a particular RHEL release for 7 years or so.

Perfectly logical. So if it's already in EL-4 and EL-5, we just don't
branch for EL-6.  I get it.

Usually yes, sometimes packages are added/dropped in between releases and if someone finds those important they can continue to maintain it for Fedora and EPEL.


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