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Re: Perl Report

On 07/20/2008 03:39 AM, Michael Stahnke wrote:
After the last meeting, I was tasked with finding out what was missing
in terms of Perl package in EPEL.

Thanks to cweyl and some discussion on #fedora-devel we now have a
report that is amazing.


Again, thanks to cweyl for the wicked-good layout of this report.

Now it's time for some analysis of the data and to see what we can do
to get more packages into EPEL.

A couple of months ago I wanted to install bugzilla from EL-4 but I found out that a bunch of perl modules were missing (actually bugzilla needed one module which in turn needed others and via a looooooooooooong dependency chain I ended up building 13 packages which were missing at the time from EL-4). In the end I was stuck because a certain feature (really, I do not remember which one :( ) was provided by perl-5.8.8 but not by the stock perl [-5.8.5] which is provided by Centos 4. Comparing my internal repo with the list from http://fedora.biggerontheinside.net/perl/ I notice that I have successfully built perl-Image-Size-3.1-3, perl-Text-Autoformat-1.14.0-3 and perl-Text-Reform-1.12.2-5. All of them seem to have been built cleanly, except for the last one for which I have disabled %check (the entry I have added to the changelog at the time says " all tests fail due to missing version.pm"). So here comes issue number 1: if someone with more knowledge in perl can verify my packages, I can happily provide them (so as to save the building time) and if they are OK, could we bump the EPEL versions ? Issue number 2: AFAIK, perl-5.8.8 is NOT available in the stock distro but from the more advanced Application Stack. Am I wrong here ?//

       wolfy (who has just come back from vacation)

PS: Who is the person responsible with building the report (Chris ?) ? It's a nice piece of work but it needs a bit of fixing, since some modules which are available in F-9/rawhide are obviously missing from the list. Starting with perl itself...

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