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Re: Perl Report

On Sat, Jul 19, 2008 at 8:12 PM, Manuel Wolfshant
<wolfy nobugconsulting ro> wrote:
> On 07/20/2008 03:39 AM, Michael Stahnke wrote:
>> After the last meeting, I was tasked with finding out what was missing
>> in terms of Perl package in EPEL.
>> Thanks to cweyl and some discussion on #fedora-devel we now have a
>> report that is amazing.
>> http://fedora.biggerontheinside.net/perl/
>> Again, thanks to cweyl for the wicked-good layout of this report.
>> Now it's time for some analysis of the data and to see what we can do
>> to get more packages into EPEL.
>   A couple of months ago I wanted to install bugzilla from EL-4 but I found
> out that a bunch of perl modules were missing (actually bugzilla needed one
> module which in turn needed others and via a looooooooooooong dependency
> chain I ended up building 13 packages which were missing at the time from
> EL-4). In the end I was stuck because a certain feature (really, I do not
> remember which one :( ) was provided by perl-5.8.8 but not by the stock perl
> [-5.8.5] which is provided by Centos 4.
>   Comparing my internal repo with the list from
> http://fedora.biggerontheinside.net/perl/ I notice that I have successfully
> built perl-Image-Size-3.1-3,  perl-Text-Autoformat-1.14.0-3 and
> perl-Text-Reform-1.12.2-5. All of them seem to have been built cleanly,
> except for the last one for which I have disabled %check (the entry I have
> added to the changelog at the time says " all tests fail due to missing
> version.pm").
>   So here comes issue number 1: if someone with more knowledge in perl can
> verify my packages, I can happily provide them (so as to save the building
> time) and if they are OK, could we bump the EPEL versions ?
>   Issue number 2: AFAIK, perl-5.8.8 is NOT available in the stock distro but
> from the more advanced Application Stack. Am I wrong here ?//
>       wolfy (who has just come back from vacation)
> PS: Who is the person responsible with building the report (Chris ?) ? It's
> a nice piece of work but it needs a bit of fixing, since some modules which
> are available in F-9/rawhide are obviously missing from the list. Starting
> with perl itself...
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I probably should have prefaced this.  This is a test.  It is a work
in progress.  cweyl has graciously helped us out (in only a couple
days) and come with this thus far.  The data could contain
errors/omissions/etc.  The code is in fedorahosted at
https://fedorahosted.org/camelus/  .  I don't know if he has put the
latest changes up there yet or not.

Our next step is now to figure out what to do with the packges that
are not built/branched for EPEL.  We probably need to ping
maintainers, give them about a week or so to respond, and if they
don't, ask to be co-maintainers in EPEL.  We might need some
volunteers for this too.


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