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same package used in EL-4 and EL-5


I need a piece of advice on a small problem regarding the package called mysqltuner, which I maintain in EPEL.

Background info:

This package consists of a single perl script which at rpm build time is copied from its source tarball to /bin. The program itself reads some variables from mysql and makes recommendations for tuning the mysql settings in order to optimize the performance. Since there is no 'compiling', Ville (the packager) decided to not use %dist. As a consequence, in order to build the package in both EL-4 and El-5 there are two options - use different release tags (the build system prohibits using the same tags ... or at least I was not able to figure out how to build in one branch stuff tagged on another branch: when I tried to do "make tag" for the first time in EL-4, using the same spec as the one from rawhide, I was told that the tag 0.9.8-1 has already been applied (and it was, of course, in rawhide) ; OTOH I could not build (of course) because the files I have uploaded were not tagged -manually copy from one branch to another one (to be performed by the admins). Hopefully this will occur quite rarely, so there should not be a great burden.

At https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=452172 is the rationale for not using %dist (which makes sense, as I have explained above). Ville also took the time to explaine me how to inherit stuff from one branch to another one, but the mechanism seems to be valid only for Fedora.

So: what do you think is the recommended way:
- build twice, with different release tags , once in EL-4 and once in EL-5 (I see absolutely no gain in this route)
- switch to using %dist and go the usual way
- build in one branch (EL-5 ?) and rely on the admins to copy the package to the other one


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