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autoinheritance [ was: same package used in EL-4 and EL-5]

On 07/30/2008 11:09 PM, Jesse Keating wrote:
On Wed, 2008-07-30 at 22:55 +0300, Ville Skyttä wrote:
FWIW, in Fedora, Rawhide auto-inherits builds from earlier repos, but only if there have been no builds with the tag Rawhide points to[...]but it is in let's say dist-f9-updates-testing, it will be automatically copied to

Close.  Things in -testing don't get inherited.  Only things in dist-foo
and dist-foo-updates
Let's see if I got it right, and please do correct me where I am wrong.

Auto-inheritance assumes that the package was never released for rawhide, hence it does not apply to _new_ packages, which by default should start by being pushed to rawhide, right [1] ? Therefore basically this inheritance applies only when branching for a new fedora release. Am I right here ?

[1]: the case described by Ville would be:
- have a new package reviewed and approved,
- request a - say - F9 branch (beside the default one for devel),
- build and push to F9-updates (I have assumed here that the packager really knows what he does and is sure about the stability, compatibility of the new packag etc) Does auto-inheritance kick in here at this moment and " magically " copy it to devel so you get two-for-one for free ? Until today I have thought that this process happens only when composing for the new release.

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