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Re: testing -> stable move for EPEL5 prepared, details inside

On Sun, 01 Jun 2008 11:16:09 +0200
fedora leemhuis info (Thorsten Leemhuis) wrote:

> Hi all!


> I have to exclude some of them for months now... :-/ The following 
> packages for example got excluded for at least the third time now: 
> claws-mail* fedora-packager flumotion gnome-applet-sshmenu
> hunspell-he hspell* koji* perl-libwhisker2 python-Coherence
> python-fedora-* sshmenu thunderbird-lightning* translate-toolkit
> viewmtn hspell* nikto
> Something needs to happen there. Could you guys/the Steering
> Committee please discuss in the next meeting (or here on the list)
> what to do?

I think we should remove them since they have been broken for so long. 

I think someone was going to mail maintainers of those packages
directly, but not sure it happened. 
Since we didn't meet this week, we can talk about it at next weeks
meeting and/or just do the removal then. 

> CU
> knurd


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