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Re: GMT-doc and GMT-coastlines

On Thu, 29 May 2008 14:19:23 -0600
orion cora nwra com (Orion Poplawski) wrote:

> Jesse Keating wrote:
> > Yeah, basically I think you're somewhat screwed by having made the
> > tag on devel/ first, that and there being no inheritance map
> > between EPEL and Fedora.  So at the very least you need one n-v-r
> > for EPEL and one n-v-r for Fedora.  Those two cannot be the same.
> > Then you'd tag/build the EPEL one from the earliest EPEL you want
> > to support (EL-4).  At that point I do believe an EPEL admin can
> > EL-5 (and later EL-6) inherit the EL-4 one.  Much like we did or
> > are doing for Fedora from the oldest Fedora one.
> Okay, I've built GMT-coastlines-1.10-2 and GMT-doc-4.3.1-3 for EL-4. 
> Can those builds be imported into EL-5?  Thanks.

Sorry for the delay here... 

They should be pushed out now. 


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