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Re: 5.1 -> 5.2 move

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Johnny Hughes (mailing-lists hughesjr com) said:
OK ... I have created a package that conflicts with gtkhtml3 < 3.12.1

we will be putting it in centos-5.2 extras (after it goes through the centos QA process).

Here are testing RPMS:


This was tested with gnucash and mysql-query-browser and it seemed to work OK with the new gtkhtml3 installed as well.

Why do this instead of EPEL?

Well ... if someone wants to also put it in EPEL, then that is fine with me.

However, we don't want to release CentOS-5.2 broken, and we think that not having that package after upgrading the gtkhtml3 ABI to a new version is broken.

We have users/customers who have built custom software using gtkhtml3 and we think that when we provide CentOS-5.2 with a new gtkhtml3 that we also need to provide a compat package for their custom enterprise software. In fact, I don't understand why it is not being provided upstream.

We have a centos-extras repo for just such items.

Johnny Hughes

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