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Re: missing kernel-devel (was Broken dependencies in EPEL - 2008-06-15)

On Sun, 15 Jun 2008 11:40:53 -0500 (CDT), Mike McGrath wrote:

> Sorry for the noise guys but can _anyone_ find a single run of this script
> that worked since January?  Just curious because it seems like I've been
> spending a whole lot of time on it since then and its honestly starting to
> piss me off.  This thing should just work but for whatever reason (not
> blaming anyone here) it never seems to work right.

Well, you cannot use $basearch in the yum.conf because that expands to
the host arch, not the desired target repo arch.

As why the single reports has been split into multiple reports again,
I've contacted the author of that change just recently.

The other [never-ending] problems are with the various RHEL repos, which
either are moved from time to time or are not in the place that's specified
in the yum config file.

That also causes problems with the buildsys where packages are not found.

JFTR, when running the repoclosure against public CentOS 4.6 repos, the
broken deps report is different.

The run posted to this list on 2008-06-11 was close, probably just using
i386 instead of i686.

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