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Re: kyum is retired.

On 23.06.2008 20:25, Jochen Schmitt wrote:
unfortunately, the upstream author has no time to maintain the kyum

So I have to retired this package in the Fedora collection.

If anyone wnat to resurrecting this package, they have to overtake the
upstream project from sourceforge.net

Question: What I have to do to retiring this package in EPEL?

Normally Fedora's stance afaik is: a package that is shipped once is not ever removed from the repos as that creates trouble for the users -- for example if it's removed the package remains installed and user expects that it is still supported.

I'd really like to avoid removing packages from the repo, but maybe this is one of those rare cases where removing a package from the repo sooner or later *might* make sense. It would need to be discussed (which didn't happen in the past days, but that doesn't mean people don't care).

First thoughts in that direction: there needs to be a long warning period for users and the whole thing needs to be communicated clearly. Like for example:

- when RHEL 5.3 ships move package from stable to testing; users that still need it badly could get it there for a while
- when RHEL 5.4 ships remove package completely from the repos
- both these cases of course would need to be announced properly and loudly

But that doesn't solve the "package remains installed" problem. Some other package could obsolete it, but it's considered a bad thing by a lot of people (and they have a point in that!).

So in the end it's just choosing the least evil thing to do. Maybe that's just keeping kyum in the repo; as the yum-ABI shouldn't change it might be the least evil and easiest thing to do as long as no security problem are found.

Just my 2 cent.


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