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Problem with upstream on sucked up packages.

Ok from the irc logs today the package pexpect was put into the
RHEL-5.2 tree. Problem is that the maintainer didn't know about it
until he was going to push an update into EPEL which by our rules he
can't do... Now we could have caught this with a test build of things
against the RHEL-5.2beta OR we could have had a nice notify from RHEL
team that these were the packages that were sucked up into the next
release. If Fedora is 'upstream' it would be nice to know when we are
forked (or is there a process for this I am not aware of?) for stable

So what can we do to make sure that RHEL-4.7 and RHEL-5.3 go much smoother?

Anyway.. I realized I needed to post this before crashing.

Stephen J Smoogen. -- BSD/GNU/Linux
How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed
in a naughty world. = Shakespeare. "The Merchant of Venice"

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