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Re: kyum is retired.

On 26.06.2008 21:28, Jochen Schmitt wrote:
On Tue, 24 Jun 2008 21:42:31 +0200, you wrote:
So in the end it's just choosing the least evil thing to do. Maybe that's just keeping kyum in the repo; as the yum-ABI shouldn't change it might be the least evil and easiest thing to do as long as no security problem are found.
There are some bugs in the package, which will never been fixed.

That's life. We are just distributing things (or software, to be
precise). We do that at no cost and if the instance that creates the
thing we distribute(d) stops to maintain the thing then it's IMHO not
our task to clean everything up behind then. Just keeping it in the repos IMHO is what we normally should do, as taking things away is likely not something users like much.

I can rebuild the package, if there may be any build dependencies

This is RHEL where something like that should not happen ;-)

but there will be never get a version which is migrated to QT4.

Doesn't matter much ;-)

BTW, now that I'm thinking about it: *maybe* it might be nice to ship a
final update for EPEL kyum package that has something like this in its description, summary and/or README.fedora:

Note: The kyum developers stopped working on kyum. EPEL will keep it in its repos for the forseeable future and try its best to fix security bugs as EPEL has users that have it installed and rely on it. But we might drop kyum in case a big and hard to fix security problem show up sooner or later. Future version of EPEL are unlikely to ship kyum.

The best thus would be if you look out for alternatives to kyum and uninstall kyum when you found one.


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