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Re: Late notes of the last meeting.

On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 3:53 PM, Rahul Sundaram
<sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
> Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
>  > Agh... I was checking to see where the notes I posted on Thursday
>  > were. and for some reason they never got out of drafts. I would blame
>  > google.. but they never are wrong. Here are the notes from the last
>  > meeting.
>  I don't see it.

Arghh it showed up as an attachment.. let me try to get this right now.

Mar 12 12:01:16 *	smooge has changed the topic to: EPEL Sig meeting --
Meeting rules at
http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/Schedule/MeetingGuidelines --
Init process
Mar 12 12:01:26 >#fedora-devel<	Meeting ping: Jeff_S, knurd, mmcgrath,
nirik, smooge, stahnma, quaid and everyone interested in EPEL -- EPEL
meeting in #fedora-meeting now!
Mar 12 12:01:47 <smooge>	Hi everybody; who's around for the EPEL meeting?
Mar 12 12:01:49 *	nirik is still here.
Mar 12 12:01:56 *	knurd is for a few minutes
Mar 12 12:02:54 <smooge>	ok I forgot to update
but they still seem relevant
Mar 12 12:03:34 *	mmcgrath will likely be only sort of here, still
working out the FAS2 bugs
Mar 12 12:03:42 <smooge>	anyone else here? quaid?
Mar 12 12:03:52 <smooge>	I understand.. this meeting should be pretty short
Mar 12 12:04:18 *	smooge has changed the topic to: EPEL SIG Meeting |
fill the steering committee; one self-nomination: Xavier Lamien| all |
Mar 12 12:05:08 <smooge>	I had asked Xavier for a self-introduction to
the list, but have not heard from him on this.. anyone talked with
Mar 12 12:05:19 <nirik>	I haven't...
Mar 12 12:06:18 *	knurd hasn't
Mar 12 12:06:24 *	No5251 has quit ("Kein Anschluss unter dieser Nummer!")
Mar 12 12:07:28 <smooge>	Any suggestions on the next step to do? Look
for more nominations.. look over what our 'board' needs are and staff
accordingly? I could not find where it says the board must be X
members.. but my search-foo could be poor
Mar 12 12:07:55 <nirik>	well, it's mostly anyone interested I think...
Mar 12 12:08:09 <nirik>	perhaps send him a private email and ask
again? and deffer till next time?
Mar 12 12:08:27 <knurd>	we never had a hard limit
Mar 12 12:09:02 <knurd>	the goal afaics always was 7 -- if there are
one or two more it's no problem; less actually is a problem imho
Mar 12 12:09:07 <knurd>	right now you are 7 iirc
Mar 12 12:09:14 <smooge>	knurd, ok thanks. I was wondering if there
were general guidelines on how many people were supposed to be there,
and what quorum was.
Mar 12 12:09:47 *	cebbert (n=cebbert nat/redhat/x-703649d7deb2a17d)
has joined #fedora-meeting
Mar 12 12:09:54 <knurd>	as I said, the goal was 7, but the world still
rotates if we are a few more or less
Mar 12 12:10:11 *	nirik nods
Mar 12 12:10:16 <knurd>	I actually think a few more is better, as long
as they are active in either the meetings or the list
Mar 12 12:10:45 <smooge>	Ok I will send out another private email, one
to the list, and then put this for the next meeting.
Mar 12 12:11:33 *	smooge has changed the topic to: EPEL SIG Meeting |
Status Reports | all | Build System, Packages in waiting etc
Mar 12 12:12:12 <smooge>	Ok I sent out a general status report on
Sunday, though not UTC Sunday :(. I will try and get that more
Mar 12 12:12:30 <smooge>	mmcgrath, are there any issues with the
current build system?
Mar 12 12:12:54 <knurd>	smooge, what do you mean by "Packages in waiting"?
Mar 12 12:13:06 <knurd>	we can do pushes more often if there is a need to
Mar 12 12:13:07 *	nirik has no knowledge of problems with the
buildsys. Other than its still plague. ;)
Mar 12 12:13:26 <mmcgrath>	smooge: buildsys is on an old and unsupported box.
Mar 12 12:13:26 <nirik>	I've been doing pushes about every other day
or so... or trying to.
Mar 12 12:13:28 <smooge>	Packages that are not in testing yet because
they are waiting for other issues: rt3 and zenoss coems to mind
Mar 12 12:13:39 *	quaid is back, sorry I was delayed
Mar 12 12:13:52 *	smooge takes the Eric Troan noodle and slaps quaid
Mar 12 12:13:55 <mmcgrath>	and the builders  have been crashing lately
from some sort of recursive call to texpdf.
Mar 12 12:14:00 <mmcgrath>	those are the only two issues I know of.
Mar 12 12:14:14 <nirik>	I have 2 things I am looking to get in:
Mar 12 12:14:26 *	llaumgui_
(n=llaumgui cro34-2-82-226-153-125 fbx proxad net) has joined
Mar 12 12:14:27 <nirik>	munin - blocking on 2 perl modules... need to
bug spot about them.
Mar 12 12:14:44 <nirik>	Xfce - I have done some test builds here, but
need to do a bit more testing before I add them all in.
Mar 12 12:15:08 <smooge>	ok thanks mmcgrath . The good news is that
they are still building.. The bad news is that it is a not-quite-dead
Mar 12 12:15:41 *	izaac has quit ()
Mar 12 12:16:08 <smooge>	Ok thanks nirik . Our wishlist has quite a
few items on it. I need to pick up some more packages but not sure
about how exactly we do 'forks' when Fedora maintainer is
Mar 12 12:16:30 <knurd>	smooge, we just do them in bugzilla with the
Fedora maintainer CCed
Mar 12 12:16:34 *	llaumgui_ is now known as llaugui
Mar 12 12:16:51 <knurd>	then he can yell if he wants to take care of
the package in EPEL
Mar 12 12:17:14 <smooge>	Well I have some bug reports in place for
like john the ripper, but have not see a 'fork' for it. Maybe I did
the bug report wrong
Mar 12 12:17:19 <nirik>	yeah, give them a week to answer.
Mar 12 12:17:26 <smooge>	I will work with nirik on this later
Mar 12 12:17:50 *	nirik nods
Mar 12 12:18:03 *	knurd has to leave soon
Mar 12 12:18:09 <smooge>	next topic will be build reports
Mar 12 12:18:10 *	smooge has changed the topic to: EPEL SIG Meeting |
make broken dep reports work and send them to the list  | mmcgrath |
Mar 12 12:18:17 <knurd>	just a note, I'll prepare the next EPEL4
testing->stable move tomorrow
Mar 12 12:18:20 <smooge>	I think this is a closed issue now.
Mar 12 12:18:22 <smooge>	Thanks knurd
Mar 12 12:18:29 <knurd>	and will likely relaize it this weekend
Mar 12 12:18:59 <smooge>	Thanks.. that was my next one.. but since you
need to leave
Mar 12 12:19:00 *	knurd should watch the keyboard more closely -- to
many typos today
Mar 12 12:19:01 <nirik>	knurd: sounds good. I will avoid pushing el4
after today until thats done.
Mar 12 12:19:14 <knurd>	nirik, thx
Mar 12 12:19:16 *	smooge has changed the topic to: EPEL SIG Meeting |
EL-4/EL-5 pushes | knurd
Mar 12 12:19:50 <knurd>	smooge, I know, you'd prefer a exact time for
the movements
Mar 12 12:19:50 <smooge>	knurd, is it in your plans of 'easing' out
that this needs to be turned over to someone else? Or are you
willing/wanting to do this for the forseeable future?
Mar 12 12:19:55 *	fab_away (n=bellet bellet info) has joined #fedora-meeting
Mar 12 12:20:06 <knurd>	but that's not that easy always
Mar 12 12:20:12 *	schlobinux_
(n=xavierb AGrenoble-257-1-25-148 w86-194 abo wanadoo fr) has joined
Mar 12 12:20:30 <knurd>	smooge, it's not that hard; I can take care of
it in the future as well
Mar 12 12:20:33 *	nirik is happy to take over as long as there are
good instructions.
Mar 12 12:20:37 <smooge>	knurd, actually my goal is to have a 'set'
time. Goals are something we measure by and then move when we see we
can or can not meet them
Mar 12 12:20:48 <knurd>	nirik, I updated the instructions in the wiki
Mar 12 12:20:55 <nirik>	yeah, just haven't had a chance to look.
Mar 12 12:21:11 <knurd>	smooge, well, I know, but life sometimes comes
in between
Mar 12 12:21:13 <smooge>	so if it turns out that we have to do it on
the first and second Saturday of every month.. thats cool with me. I
just want to get some 'results' to measure against
Mar 12 12:21:32 <smooge>	And the results are that this is a volunteer project ;)
Mar 12 12:21:32 <knurd>	I also like to have a few work and weekend
days betweeen annoucements and the actualy moving
Mar 12 12:21:53 <knurd>	that should give people a chance to respond to
my "the next move will happen soon" mail
Mar 12 12:22:13 <smooge>	knurd, would it be better if we had a 3rd
channel? Or made testing just the place for stuff going into push? As
in the devel -> integration -> production -> retirement model?
Mar 12 12:22:13 <nirik>	yeah...
Mar 12 12:22:36 <nirik>	well, there are always going to be some things
maintainers aren't ready to push to stable yet.
Mar 12 12:22:38 <knurd>	np, a 3rd channel just complicates things more
without a benefit IMHO
Mar 12 12:23:01 *	nirik nods.
Mar 12 12:23:05 <knurd>	I don't think a devel branch makes sense for EPEL
Mar 12 12:23:09 <smooge>	ok cool. I want to make sure that we are not
missing something
Mar 12 12:23:21 <knurd>	it only makes sense when a new RHEL release is
Mar 12 12:23:43 <knurd>	maybe once EPEL is really big a 3rd channel
might make sense
Mar 12 12:23:57 <knurd>	but that's not the case yet
Mar 12 12:24:31 <smooge>	ok cool. I will bring this up every couple of
meetings just to make sure we havent passed the epiphany moment too
far.. "You know we really could do with a 3rd channel last month"
Mar 12 12:24:40 <knurd>	bodhi might change the whole process sooner or
later again in any case
Mar 12 12:24:41 <smooge>	But I will consider it a "Not yet"
Mar 12 12:24:51 <knurd>	smooge, k
Mar 12 12:24:56 <nirik>	yeah, bodhi will be nice for epel.
Mar 12 12:25:07 *	smooge has changed the topic to: EPEL SIG Meeting |
Mar 12 12:25:11 *	wolfy (n=lonewolf fedora/wolfy) has joined #fedora-meeting
Mar 12 12:25:12 <smooge>	ok this came out yesterday..
Mar 12 12:25:15 <knurd>	nirik, +1, as the maintainer then can decide
on their own what to do
Mar 12 12:25:21 *	quaid missed if there is a schedule for bodhi-izing EPEL
Mar 12 12:25:39 *	jmbuser agrees it should 35 minutes from now
Mar 12 12:25:39 <knurd>	quaid, the schedule afaics is "once we
switched to koji" ;-)
Mar 12 12:25:42 <nirik>	quaid: it's waiting on koji support, which is
waiting on code changes in koji that no one has time for. ;(
Mar 12 12:25:49 <knurd>	as bodhi depends a lot on koji
Mar 12 12:25:49 <smooge>	quaid, it is problematic due to EL binaries with koji
Mar 12 12:25:56 <jmbuser>	theoretically speaking :-)
Mar 12 12:26:01 <smooge>	====> slow typer
Mar 12 12:26:14 <quaid>	understood
Mar 12 12:26:22 *	knurd leaves the keyboard for two or three minutes
Mar 12 12:26:29 *	quaid didn't mean to change topics, will wait for other biz
Mar 12 12:26:31 <smooge>	Ok 5.2beta was announced yesterday. It has a
lot of newer packages and will affect EPEL in some parts
Mar 12 12:26:38 <nirik>	jmbuser: 35min?
Mar 12 12:26:40 *	jmbuser pardons himself - sorry
Mar 12 12:26:54 <jmbuser>	wrong channel :-(
Mar 12 12:26:59 <quaid>	smooge: did some packages in EPEL get snarfed into 5.2?
Mar 12 12:27:05 <nirik>	smooge: cool. We will need to identify the
packages from epel that got pulled in.
Mar 12 12:27:16 <smooge>	First part that affects EPEL, 5.1 will still
be around. 2 packages have been snarfed like rsyslog
Mar 12 12:27:24 <quaid>	evil
Mar 12 12:27:27 <smooge>	which I think was in the epel waiting
Mar 12 12:27:32 <quaid>	we need someone on the RHEL side communicating
with us on that before it happens
Mar 12 12:27:41 <nirik>	it happened in 5.1 as well, no biggie.
Mar 12 12:27:50 <quaid>	still ...
Mar 12 12:27:51 <smooge>	quaid, I thought that was you  :)
Mar 12 12:28:07 <quaid>	<== Brand Communications now, far from
Engineering these days
Mar 12 12:28:12 <nirik>	we just need to identify them, and make sure
the 5.2 version is newer, and make sure the epel maintainers
dead.package them in epel.
Mar 12 12:28:15 <quaid>	smooge: yeah, I need to find that person
Mar 12 12:28:41 <smooge>	quaid, hehehe Well I will remember to type
out Red Hat Enterprise Linux istead of RHEL ;)
Mar 12 12:28:57 <quaid>	stickster: we need to talk about getting
someone in the RHEL prod mgmt chain to own the EPEL relationship
Mar 12 12:29:23 *	quaid rolls his eyes
Mar 12 12:29:26 <smooge>	nirik, the issue comes up with the 5.1
channel issues. Are we going to deal with them? Or just stick with the
'latest' channel
Mar 12 12:29:48 <nirik>	we just have stuck with the latest.
Mar 12 12:29:59 <nirik>	I think doing multiple channels is too much for us...
Mar 12 12:30:10 <smooge>	quaid, sorry.. I spent a summer getting
whacked for every RedHat versus Red Hat typing I did :)
Mar 12 12:30:30 <quaid>	well, that one is for certain!
Mar 12 12:30:49 <smooge>	nirik, ok.. I will need to clarify that in
our documentation..
Mar 12 12:30:50 *	knurd leaves now
Mar 12 12:30:54 <smooge>	by knurd
Mar 12 12:31:08 <knurd>	have a nice day/evening/night/whatever everyone
Mar 12 12:31:11 *	knurd is now known as knurd_afk
Mar 12 12:31:20 <nirik>	night knurd_afk
Mar 12 12:31:20 *	smooge has changed the topic to: EPEL SIG Meeting |
KojiAndBodhiForEpel | mmcgrath, _blah_ |
Mar 12 12:32:05 <smooge>	status on this is that no one has had the
time to work on this.. I am hoping to try and scope out what needs to
be done on it myself.. but have been running into 'work reorgs' and
Mar 12 12:32:15 <nirik>	yeah.
Mar 12 12:32:54 <smooge>	the ideas are 1) CentOS and its delays.. so
that the build system is 'open', 2) patching koji to use a 'hidden'
partition with RHEL(*) binaries in it
Mar 12 12:33:21 <nirik>	1) I have been told by a number of people is
not an option.
Mar 12 12:33:32 <stickster>	quaid: Can you write me some email about
what, specifically, you need from that relationship? That might make
it easier for me to find someone who wants to own it...
Mar 12 12:33:51 <nirik>	2) there are ideas, but no one working on
it... perhaps once the fedora cycle gets less frantic people will have
more time.
Mar 12 12:33:53 *	stickster can see from above that schedule updates
are one need.
Mar 12 12:34:03 <quaid>	stickster: ok
Mar 12 12:34:44 <smooge>	nirik, I keep hearing that on #1.. but no
specifics beyond the "hidden voices behind the cloaks at black sabbat
Mar 12 12:35:15 <nirik>	smooge: yes, it would be nice to get some sort
of more concrete reason why this is a non starter...
Mar 12 12:35:50 <smooge>	Anyway.. I think that we will need to look at
#3, we go with #1 and aim for #2 in the case that our build box sleeps
with the fishes finally
Mar 12 12:36:24 <nirik>	or try and get someone/anyone to work on the
#2 code issues... _blah_ was trying to...
Mar 12 12:37:06 *	dwmw2_AVF is now known as dwmw2_gone
Mar 12 12:37:50 <smooge>	yes.. in either case, I think we have said
pretty much what we said last time :)..
Mar 12 12:38:08 <nirik>	yeah. ;( Still an issue, still no solution in sight. ;(
Mar 12 12:38:15 <smooge>	stickster, can you get us a documented reason
for why we need to stay with one set of binaries?
Mar 12 12:38:56 <stickster>	smooge: ?
Mar 12 12:39:22 <nirik>	stickster: you want the background on this issue? :)
Mar 12 12:39:25 <quaid>	smooge: I'm Cc;ing you on that email to
stickster so you can give more details on some stuff like that
Mar 12 12:39:32 <stickster>	nirik: Correct.
Mar 12 12:39:35 <smooge>	thanks.
Mar 12 12:39:37 <quaid>	yeah, I reckon we're going to need to give
stickster some bg love
Mar 12 12:40:12 <nirik>	stickster: epel uses RHEL binaries to build
against. Currently it does not use koji because koji requires all
binaries to be in it and tagged. If we did that to RHEL, anyone could
download RHEL binaries from koji.
Mar 12 12:40:14 *	smooge puts on his Barry White impersonation for stickster
Mar 12 12:40:35 <nirik>	so, we need some way for koji to let us build
against rhel, but not expose the binaries to the universe.
Mar 12 12:40:51 <smooge>	or we need to use binaries that we can expose
to the universe
Mar 12 12:40:56 <nirik>	https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/koji/ticket/49
Mar 12 12:41:20 <nirik>	we could switch to CentOS binaries... but then
we loose ppc (they don't support it) and we also get a delay after
releases before they are ready.
Mar 12 12:41:24 *	quaid *cough* Free the RHEL bits!! *cough*
Mar 12 12:41:26 <nirik>	and also it's probibly pretty bad PR.
Mar 12 12:41:40 <quaid>	also EPEL are not as supportable against RHEL binaries
Mar 12 12:41:51 <quaid>	which matters for our relationship with RHT GSS
Mar 12 12:42:09 <nirik>	right. Some enterprise people would balk at
packages not built against official rhel binaries.
Mar 12 12:42:09 <quaid>	(support services, for the TLA impaired)
Mar 12 12:42:09 <stickster>	Is EPEL considered "supportable" at this
point? To what extent?
Mar 12 12:42:18 <quaid>	stickster: not supportable by RHT
Mar 12 12:42:20 <quaid>	but
Mar 12 12:42:26 <quaid>	we do get *referenced* by RHT stuff
Mar 12 12:42:32 <f13>	like RHCE training
Mar 12 12:42:41 <quaid>	"Get hg from EPEL then ..."
Mar 12 12:43:06 *	linuxlala (n=linuxlal 122 162 115 32) has joined
Mar 12 12:43:06 <quaid>	I clearly believe it is important for RHT
itself to have EPEL built against RHEL binaries
Mar 12 12:43:14 *	linuxlala has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection
reset by peer))
Mar 12 12:43:37 *	wolfy has quit (Remote closed the connection)
Mar 12 12:43:50 <jwb>	we should be more explicit than EPEL.  We should
be calling it Extras Packages for Enterprise Linux 4, Extras Packages
for Enterprise Linux 5, etc
Mar 12 12:43:53 *	jwb ducks
Mar 12 12:44:36 <smooge>	jwb, that would be Extra Packages for Red Hat
Enterprise Linux  EPRHEL which sounds like a drug
Mar 12 12:44:50 <stickster>	quaid: smooge: What is option #3?
Mar 12 12:45:03 <stickster>	Sorry, nirik should have been second there.
Mar 12 12:45:32 <nirik>	I don't see one.
Mar 12 12:45:38 <nirik>	I guess keep going as we are.
Mar 12 12:45:45 <stickster>	<smooge> Anyway.. I think that we will
need to look at #3, we go with #1 and aim for #2 in the case that our
build box sleeps with the fishes finally
Mar 12 12:45:50 <quaid>	smooge: techically, Enterprise Linux is the (tm)
Mar 12 12:46:03 *	quaid saw that #3 and was confused too
Mar 12 12:46:45 <smooge>	stickster, #3 is that we try to make
ourselves flexible. If the server dies.. we will need to use solution
#1 until we have patches that make koji secrative
Mar 12 12:47:19 <smooge>	or we just stop producing EPEL until those
patches become available.
Mar 12 12:47:56 <smooge>	that is what I meant by #3
Mar 12 12:48:15 <smooge>	is there anything else on this?
Mar 12 12:48:30 <smooge>	...
Mar 12 12:48:34 *	smooge has changed the topic to: EPEL SIG Meeting |
more mirrors | smooge | http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/Tasks/Misc
Mar 12 12:48:55 <smooge>	Ok I sent this off to mirror list this
week... and I think we have more mirrors signed up.
Mar 12 12:48:59 <smooge>	yeah
Mar 12 12:49:43 <nirik>	cool
Mar 12 12:50:08 <smooge>	sorry mischan on that yeah..
Mar 12 12:50:23 <smooge>	forgot to find out how we can report that
number. will ask mdomsch on it
Mar 12 12:51:10 <smooge>	My final item on my list of things todo was: Marketing
Mar 12 12:51:21 <quaid>	yeah, that
Mar 12 12:51:33 *	smooge has changed the topic to: EPEL SIG Meeting |
marketing: Logo, Posters, etc?| smooge |
Mar 12 12:51:47 <smooge>	I put in a request for design logos on the arts page.
Mar 12 12:51:54 <smooge>	Havent had anyone pick it up yet.
Mar 12 12:51:57 <quaid>	stahnma and I have complementary talks
_proposed_ for the Red Hat Summit; hopefully both get in
Mar 12 12:52:12 <smooge>	Cool
Mar 12 12:52:24 <quaid>	and I want folks from RHT marketing to get
involved because it seems kind of lame for only Fedora to be promoting
this :)
Mar 12 12:52:39 <smooge>	If not.. could we propose them to Red Hat Magazine?
Mar 12 12:52:44 *	quaid knows that some ISV-oriented folks are aware
but we haven't really pitched it to them as something to carry around
for their partners
Mar 12 12:53:00 <quaid>	smooge: good call!  we can certainly write a
series of articles on EPEL
Mar 12 12:53:09 <quaid>	technical, business focuses, etc.
Mar 12 12:53:26 <smooge>	quaid, we need this to be a two way
conversation with ISV's.. we need to know what they want and what they
will help sponsor
Mar 12 12:53:27 *	nim-nim has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
Mar 12 12:53:38 <quaid>	smooge: right
Mar 12 12:53:42 <smooge>	does that make sense?
Mar 12 12:54:04 <smooge>	sorry slow typing.. wrist wrap on
Mar 12 12:54:16 <quaid>	yes it does
Mar 12 12:54:24 <quaid>	one vehicle for this is the Get Involved Guide
Mar 12 12:54:54 <smooge>	we currently have a bunch of packages that we
fedorans want.. but what do the ISV's want, and how can we better
manage them as they have 'special' needs (the Zenos package is a good
Mar 12 12:55:18 *	J5_ (n=quintice nat/redhat/x-8eb1e22ed3edd75e) has
joined #fedora-meeting
Mar 12 12:55:48 <smooge>	It is open source, but since it carries its
own versions of certain packages it has a stronger need to sit in /opt
so its not a 'core' item.
Mar 12 12:56:00 <quaid>	stickster: will you continue to tag-team with
me on that?  This is a funny marketing/technical cross-over, which is
why I grabbed Mr. North America (gregdek) into the EPEL conversation
Mar 12 12:56:23 <quaid>	that == internal selling and support about
EPEL, like what we are doing with TOmen
Mar 12 12:56:28 <stickster>	quaid: I'm writing an email to the
internal program list and cc'ing you on it
Mar 12 12:56:30 <smooge>	I would like if we can pull in Mr Europe and
Ms South America too
Mar 12 12:56:32 <stickster>	I'll include gdk too
Mar 12 12:56:46 <stickster>	We have a Ms South America?
Mar 12 12:56:47 <quaid>	smooge: one at a time, buddy!
Mar 12 12:56:54 <quaid>	stickster: doesn't everyone?
Mar 12 12:56:54 <smooge>	I can dream stickster
Mar 12 12:57:03 <stickster>	Apparently so can quaid
Mar 12 12:57:33 <quaid>	stickster: in fact, let's see if Tomen wants
to partner with us more here; he has a desire to be involved in Fedora
and it would be a great help if he helped us negotiate the partner
marketing stuffs
Mar 12 12:57:43 <smooge>	Anyway.. I was trying not to be sexist in
names.. and failed. sorry
Mar 12 12:58:01 <quaid>	ok, I need to go do a quick two-minute honey-do
Mar 12 12:58:09 <quaid>	brb for FDSCo
Mar 12 12:58:10 <smooge>	Ok lets go over it
Mar 12 12:58:45 <stickster>	quaid: What does 'let's' mean -- are you
emailing him, then?
Mar 12 12:58:56 <smooge>	We need to work with Red Hat internals on a
couple of issues: ISV's, marketing, and build system. We need to put a
date on when we are looking for this so that we don't fall off the
Mar 12 12:59:11 *	stickster needs to track who he's supposed to tag
and with what.
Mar 12 12:59:16 <smooge>	ok.. I think we have another meeting in here... in 1
Mar 12 12:59:37 *	smooge will close the meeting in 30 seconds
Mar 12 12:59:53 <smooge>	and publish logs and todos unless I am wrong
Mar 12 12:59:58 <smooge>	...
Mar 12 13:00:19 *	smooge has changed the topic to: Channel is used by
various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note
that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora
please ask in #fedora | See
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/FedoraMeetingChannel for
meeting schedule
Mar 12 13:00:24 <smooge>	Ok sorry if we ran over..

Stephen J Smoogen. -- CSIRT/Linux System Administrator
How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed
in a naughty world. = Shakespeare. "The Merchant of Venice"

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