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Re: Gearing up to start maintaining EPEL packages.. any pointers?

On 03/21/2008 10:32 PM, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 11:14 AM, Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy nobugconsulting ro <mailto:wolfy nobugconsulting ro>> wrote:

    /me hoping to see istanbul arriving in EPEL and reiterating the
    offer to
    do the monkey work for that

Right... istanbul. I wasn't going to start with that. I have to take a close look at what gstreamer is available for each epel branch. I do remember that gstreamer 0.10 good plugins was missing the necessary video capture module in at least one Fedora release, which has consequences on which istanbul codebase version that has to be used.

Not to diss istanbul or anything, but the gstreamer framework complicates things. Have you look at the other option in this area... gtk-recordmydesktop and recordmydesktop... which does not rely on gst at all and is using libraries directly. I haven't made a comparison myself, but I'm concerned that the gst framework might make istanbul problematic to maintain for EPEL.
I was in a hurry and recompiling istanbul + python-xlib for centos 5/i386 took < 30 min so i did not look at recordmydesktop (despite the fact that I've done "cvs co recordmydesktop" immediately after "cvs co istanbul" but before "make srpm istanbul"). These are the versions I packaged and used : -rw-r--r-- 1 wolfy mock 236319 2008-03-19 11:21 python-xlib-0.13-3.el5.noarch.rpm -rw-r--r-- 1 wolfy mock 111734 2008-03-19 11:35 istanbul-0.2.2-6.el5.i386.rpm

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