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Re: EPEL Meeting: Last Call for topics for 2008-03-26

I probably won't make the meeting.

>   RHEL Meta Data
As I tried to explain in the past, this is difficult, because it's an
unknown target.  Some people want full search capabilities of RHN, and
we can't easily provide that.  For most cases, however, repoquery and
yum give enough good information.
The most common use cases I see are:
   * What's the version of package XYZ in RHEL?  (Use yum/repoquery)
   * Is package XYZ included in RHEL?  (Use yum/repoquery)
   * What are the differences in packages between CentOS and RHEL ? (

More obscure cases
  * What package provides lib-XYZ?
 * How do I see the changelog for packages?  (Repoquery again)
 * Is package foo included in other Red Hat channel other than base
RHEL.  (This one is a bit harder).
 * What packages are coming up in RHEL version X.Y+1 that will
obsolete EPEL packages? (again, not a clear way)


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