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Re: RF Open Discussion: Who are we?

On Sun, 4 May 2008 10:43:25 -0600
smooge gmail com ("Stephen John Smoogen") wrote:

> Reading through Quaid's email about Red Hat Summit talks... I think in
> order to help all of our efforts a bit, we should try to come up with
> a better idea of the basic questions
> 1) Who are we? [What is our identity?]
> 2) What do we want? [What are the goals each of us wants to
> accomplish?] 3) Why are we here? [What brings each of us to EPEL when
> we get a chance] 4) Where are we going? [Where do we want to take
> EPEL in the next year? How do we measure it]
> 5) Who do we serve? [As in who are our primary customers]
> 6) Why did I watch a whole season of Babylon 5 over the weekend?

I think these are all tied in together, and it's hard to answer them

> Ok the basic questions are definitions of what we stand for and who we
> are trying to serve as customers. It is also to try and see how Fedora
> can be more helpful to the Enterprise customer by showing them where
> things are going and how Open Source can meet the various needs of the
> Enterprise.

The first 5 questions lead you to do the last? :) 

Anyhow, personally, I work for a linux consulting company. The majority
of our clients are using CentOS for their OS needs (There's others in
there, but CentOS predominates). They require software thats not in the
main RHEL/CentOS areas, and EPEL provides that software. They (usually)
don't want bells and whistles, just a stable secure software package
that works. For our part, we want to ideally be able to get all this
set of software from one place, not multiple repositories, and have it
maintained for security and stability issues. 

I like to think (although I don't have any numbers) that many of the
end EPEL users are in this same boat. Moving forward, I would like to
see more packages in EPEL and more communication with our end
users/consumers.  I would also like to see us get rid of all the broken
deps in testing, and push really hard to get the 42 open EPEL bugs as
close to 0 as we can. 

Does that help any? 


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