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Dilemma with OpenOffice fonts

I run both Fedora and Centos.  The version of OpenOffice on Fedora 7 is
2.3, but the version on Centos is 2.0.

I've been having a problem with documents that I open in both systems.  It
 appears to be attributable to differences in fonts.  If I prepare a
document on a Fedora system (under OpenOffice 2.3) and then open it on a
Centos system (under OpenOffice 2.0) the line spacing appears to change,
even though the fonts are supposedly the same.  Text that exactly fills a
page or a slide on a Fedora system, will overflow the page or slide when
opened on a Centos system.  This isn't an issue I think makes sense to
raise with the OpenOffice people, because RHEL/Centos isn't at their
latest version.

Although EPEL doesn't maintain the packaging of OpenOffice, is there a
possibility of EPEL producing some kind of font compatibility RPM for use
by people who share my dilemma?

Stan Klein

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