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Trying to get packages into EPEL

I'm trying to get two noarch packages into EPEL. Here's the problem I'm having:

[orion cynosure EL-5]$ make tag
cvs tag  -c GMT-coastlines-1_10-1
? clog
ERROR: The tag GMT-coastlines-1_10-1 is already applied on a different branch
ERROR: You can not forcibly move tags between branches
cvs tag: Pre-tag check failed
cvs [tag aborted]: correct the above errors first!
make: *** [tag] Error 1
[orion cynosure EL-5]$ make build
GMT-coastlines.spec not tagged with tag GMT-coastlines-1_10-1
make: *** [build-check] Error 1

Any idea how I can get this built for EPEL?

Orion Poplawski
Technical Manager                     303-415-9701 x222
NWRA/CoRA Division                    FAX: 303-415-9702
3380 Mitchell Lane                  orion cora nwra com
Boulder, CO 80301              http://www.cora.nwra.com

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