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sponsorship from RH ?

Hello EPEL folks,

   Is it possible from RH side to sponsor me with 
(lets say RHEL 5.X) license for be able to maintain
properly the GIS interest group ?

Wiki of GIS, list of packages which I maintain
from booth professional reasons and hobby:

  I would mention packages are quite picky and 
hard to maintain, complexity is pretty high, I
myself maintain for multiple reasons tham in fedora.

  Task is quite difficult without a RHEL desktop,
frecvent ABI changes require to develop  sort
of compat-* library, and its not so easy to test 
product properly in the lack of properly licensed
RHEL desktop. Unfortunatley upstream release cycle
is faster than RHEL release one, and new futures are 
always requested before a new RHEL product series.

   Just using blindly the plague client its near impossible
to do this task, I personaly fail to do it for EPEL at highest 
quality with version track and compatibility changes
but its an easy task for fedora since there are no strict 
rules, not to much care if radical upgrade is involved.

  I see GIS interest group as a good ground base for all
GIS professionists, and finaly RH products could cover
this professional area too, wich was completly uncovered 
before i took the task, and i would like to keep it on.

  Also I would mention that other people make money 
out of these packages and support, I  did it for free 
of course, since these days it quite intersect with my 
work and professional area in wich i am involved.

  Here is one example: http://www.gdf-hannover.de/

Personaly quite dissapointed how they support distros,
but its personal opinion dont want any polemics with 
tham, however I salute their initiative.

 Obviously i am a RH fan since 1996, quite difficult
to distract my opinion and blame anything about 
RHEL/Fedora quality.

Best Regards,

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