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Re: sponsorship from RH ?

> You should consider using CentOS. [1]
> It's 99.9% compatible with RHEL.

1) How about stuff in .specs:
if %{dist?} == rhl5 , rhl4 ?!

2) How about updates,  RHEL have a really
fancy update schema.

3) And most important  how about further
reporting bugs to bugzilla (e.g now i have an 
issue with expat in rhel5 i am lazy to report that
it missbehave from one update to another,
i even cannot properly test it on my fedora desk,
i doubt that CentOS is so in sync with RHEL.

And my list can continue ....

In my opinion its not the same, in fact if i will get
bug report i am not quite sure in some circumstances
i will be able reproduce it on CentOS, it even sounds 
strange if i Re: to that bz# that "on my CentOS it works
and compile fine" ...

 Well than i can renounce and be happy with Fedora.

   I thinked to buy one, but since i am happy with fedora
just for this task i would like to spend money, i will end
up working on something wich i am not paid at all and
on top of top issues i pay for anual subscriptions :D

Best Regards,

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