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Re: sponsorship from RH ?

On Sun, 25 May 2008, Balint Cristian wrote:

> > You should consider using CentOS. [1]
> > It's 99.9% compatible with RHEL.
> 1) How about stuff in .specs:
> if %{dist?} == rhl5 , rhl4 ?!
> 2) How about updates,  RHEL have a really
> fancy update schema.
> 3) And most important  how about further
> reporting bugs to bugzilla (e.g now i have an
> issue with expat in rhel5 i am lazy to report that
> it missbehave from one update to another,
> i even cannot properly test it on my fedora desk,
> i doubt that CentOS is so in sync with RHEL.
> And my list can continue ....

FYI, for all my epel packages I use CentOS (yes, I'm an @redhat.com)

> In my opinion its not the same, in fact if i will get
> bug report i am not quite sure in some circumstances
> i will be able reproduce it on CentOS, it even sounds
> strange if i Re: to that bz# that "on my CentOS it works
> and compile fine" ...

Your opinion is unfortunatly distant from reality though :-/  Any
differences you see between RHEL and CentOS you need to report to CentOS
as I'm sure they'd be interested in fixing it.  AFAIK there have been very
few if any issues supporting EPEL in CentOS as CentOS is one of EPEL's
target operating systems.  If we're not compatable with CentOS we're doing
something wrong.

>  Well than i can renounce and be happy with Fedora.

This sound strangly like a threat from someone looking to get a free RHEL
license....  Just saying.


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