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Re: sponsorship from RH ?

On Sun, May 25, 2008 at 05:56:13PM +0300, Balint Cristian wrote:
> > You should consider using CentOS. [1]
> > It's 99.9% compatible with RHEL.
> 1) How about stuff in .specs:
> if %{dist?} == rhl5 , rhl4 ?!

It is right to use that on centos too. In fact the mock in epel uses
centos mirrors for packages.

> 2) How about updates,  RHEL have a really
> fancy update schema.

There are few differences between Centos and RHEL, the one which is
visible is the difference between server and desktop which is not in
centos. But the updates of RHEL are in Centos.

> 3) And most important  how about further
> reporting bugs to bugzilla (e.g now i have an 
> issue with expat in rhel5 i am lazy to report that
> it missbehave from one update to another,
> i even cannot properly test it on my fedora desk,
> i doubt that CentOS is so in sync with RHEL.

It should. I personally don't have a RHEL subscription and when I find a
bug which I think is also in RHEL I fill it in the RHEL bugzilla.

Also to find files/provides and so on, metadata on rpmfind or the like
for centos can be used.


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