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Re: sponsorship from RH ?

> FYI, for all my epel packages I use CentOS (yes, I'm an @redhat.com)

  Thats sound more encouraging from your side, i will re-consider 
CentOS and take a look.

> differences you see between RHEL and CentOS you need to report to CentOS
> as I'm sure they'd be interested in fixing it.  

   Thats why i was afraid...

   I dont want end up maintaining any CentOS too,
but probably it was a strong preconception from 
my side about CentOS. Must confess never took a 
look at any CentOS untill now.

> AFAIK there have been very 
> few if any issues supporting EPEL in CentOS as CentOS is one of EPEL's
> target operating systems.  If we're not compatable with CentOS we're doing
> something wrong.


> >  Well than i can renounce and be happy with Fedora.
> This sound strangly like a threat from someone looking to get a free RHEL
> license....  Just saying.

 It can be not so free. Or i dont know what schema, i questioned
the subject and got  answer, however i didnt thinked it as 
an abuse or something like this, but probably thinking in 
principles than anyone can request licenses and it turn
probably into a sort of abuse.


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