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Re: incompatible packaging between EPEL and DAG/rpmforge

On Tue, 2008-05-27 at 08:13 -0700, Ray Van Dolson wrote:
> > Any ideas on how to proceed?
> I think the official answer would be to not use these two repo's
> together.  EPEL really shouldn't be used with any other 3rd party
> repo's.
> Obviously this isn't really that realistic.  I get around the issue by
> using the yum priorities plugin.  I generally set EPEL as the second
> highest priority (after the base repo's) and rpmforge later.
> Alternately you can also just specify includepkgs for the packages you
> need from the repo so nothing else gets stepped on.
> I think you will likely find the political challenges more difficult to
> overcome than the technical ones if you're looking to get things sync'd
> up and nice between the two repo's. :)

Hmm.  It says in the FAQ that EPEL 'encourages' compatibility, and to
file a bug in bugzilla.  Are you saying that there are a lot of 'deaf
ears' out there?

Specifically, if I solve the problem, how do I feed back the fixes?
This list? fedora-devel? Bugzilla?

I'm basically selfish, and I'm not looking to change the world, just my


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