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Re: GMT-doc and GMT-coastlines

Orion Poplawski wrote:
Okay, can someone please help me get GMT-doc and GMT-coastlines into
EPEL without resorting to %{?dist}?

[orion cynosure EL-4]$ make tag
cvs tag  -c GMT-coastlines-1_10-1
? clog
ERROR: The tag GMT-coastlines-1_10-1 is already applied on a different
ERROR: You can not forcibly move tags between branches
cvs tag: Pre-tag check failed
cvs [tag aborted]: correct the above errors first!
make: *** [tag] Error 1
[orion cynosure EL-4]$ make build
GMT-coastlines.spec not tagged with tag GMT-coastlines-1_10-1
make: *** [build-check] Error 1

I understand your desire to have the same versioned noarch package in all dists, but why not simply bump the version to 1.1 or some such thing and move along to other more important things?

Jarod Wilson
jwilson redhat com

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