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Re: Supporting other repositories.

On Friday 07 November 2008 12:10:08 pm Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> Ok loaded term but I was wondering if we could work with spacewalk,
> ipa, ds, etc to support their work by including at least a
> spacewalk-release or similar item. This would allow us to 'test' the
> waters of working closer with the other layered upstreams. Basically
> instead of having to hunt around for every different repository, we
> work with the upstream project ot have a signed release that works
> with the EPEL releases.
> Anyway.. back to dealing with local stuff.. I figured I should fire it
> off before I forget.
Other than completely violating fedora's guidelines that EPEL is subject to.  
I don't think its a good idea. It makes it too easy to not do the work needed 
to get things into fedora/EPEL  

fedora-ds is in fedora I suggest that you ask richm to build fedora-ds into 
EPEL. freeipa is in fedora also.  we should talk with rcrit to get freeipa 
branched and built for EPEL  it will require fedora-ds to be there first.

we should get what we can of spacewalk in  except for the bits needing oracle 
since they dont meet the guidelines yet.   Spacewalk has said from the start 
that it will work to get in EPEL.  as to other layered products we have always 
said that it will be up to the individual team  if they wish to have their 
product in EPEL. 

I personally feel that having the product in EPEL will help not hinder sales.  
those people who wont pay for support will still not pay for support.  those 
on the fence may deploy the product because of the easier route to 
installation and decide that once installed and in production they need 
support.  Those customers who are willing to pay and want support will 
continue to do so.


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