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Re: Broken dependencies in EPEL - 2008-10-01

On 06.10.2008 14:58, Patrice Dumas wrote:
On Mon, Oct 06, 2008 at 01:13:14PM +0200, Johan Cwiklinski wrote:
So what to do ? BackupPC will probably not being pushed to stable since
there is a RHEL dependency issue, but everything seems to be OK under
CentOS... And as I'm not an RHEL customer, I see no way to know that a
such problem exists, no way to check it, no way to repair it...
These issues doesn't prevent packages from being pushed to stable.

...because that is done by a different repoclosure run that I do on one of my private system against centos ;-)

ooo2txt that I maintain has have this issue since a long time, and it is
in stable. I just ignore those missing deps messages, given that the
issue has already been raised.

Well, it would be good if that could get fixed in the depchecker script that epel uses. The buildsys afaik has the packages from both RHEL5 desktop and server in its repo. So why isn't that the case for the repo that is used for dep checking?


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