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2008-10-06 Meeting Notes:


  Website review started
  Build system ticket opened on packages
  Push to testing problem being looked at
  Push to stable will occur after that fixed
  Koji work being started again.

Oct 06 10:02:43 *	smooge has changed the topic to: EPEL Sig meeting --
Meeting rules at
http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/Schedule/MeetingGuidelines --
Init process
Oct 06 10:02:52 <smooge>	Sorry for the short notice
Oct 06 10:03:24 *	jeff_hann (n=arares 89 40 98 185) has joined #fedora-meeting
Oct 06 10:03:26 *	nirik is here.
Oct 06 10:03:31 <smooge>	smooge is here
Oct 06 10:05:03 <smooge>	and...
Oct 06 10:05:21 <smooge>	ok the first thing that needs to be dealt
with is Web Pages for EPEL
Oct 06 10:05:34 <nirik>	wiki pages?
Oct 06 10:05:42 *	jbasse (n=jbasse nat/sun/x-fb716a087cba4bf8) has
joined #fedora-meeting
Oct 06 10:06:09 *	wwoods has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
Oct 06 10:07:43 <smooge>	yes
Oct 06 10:07:43 *	baard1973 has quit (Remote closed the connection)
Oct 06 10:08:01 <smooge>	the wiki pages have decayed badly
Oct 06 10:08:04 <nirik>	yeah, would be great to find a epel wiki tender.
Oct 06 10:08:09 <mmcgrath>	pong
Oct 06 10:08:51 <smooge>	I think our best bet is to focus on one page a week.
Oct 06 10:08:59 <smooge>	and get'r don
Oct 06 10:09:28 <mmcgrath>	might be good to prune stuff we don't need
to.  less is more :)
Oct 06 10:09:37 <nirik>	ok, might work. Who decides the page? work on
it here or just as time permits?
Oct 06 10:10:18 <smooge>	how about we try to make a list of pruning,
and a list of updates.. and then pass that to the list
Oct 06 10:10:37 <smooge>	then next week we start with moving all the
prune to EPEL/DeadTrees/
Oct 06 10:10:56 <smooge>	that didnt get a 'oh noes you cant remove
fluffy' on list
Oct 06 10:10:57 <nirik>	we could just mark them to be deleted...
Oct 06 10:11:09 <smooge>	or we could do that
Oct 06 10:11:31 <nirik>	I really need to sit down and figure out
mediawiki. Keep putting it off.
Oct 06 10:11:55 <smooge>	yeah.. I know moin and every change I have
done on mw has burned me.. and I maintian the sucker
Oct 06 10:12:12 <nirik>	https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:EPEL
Oct 06 10:12:41 *	ReneP (i=ReneP a190119 studnetz uni-leipzig de) has
joined #fedora-meeting
Oct 06 10:12:50 <smooge>	Ok, EPEL/About needs updates
Oct 06 10:12:58 *	wwoods (n=wwoods nat/redhat/x-cd2a9827f29596a4) has
joined #fedora-meeting
Oct 06 10:13:05 <smooge>	I would say that would be the first one to update.
Oct 06 10:13:39 <mmcgrath>	About seems not terrible
Oct 06 10:13:44 *	mmcgrath hasn't looked at our wiki in a while
Oct 06 10:14:24 *	Jeff_S here... sorry I'm late
Oct 06 10:15:54 <nirik>	no worries.
Oct 06 10:16:01 <smooge>	AskForFedoraPackageInEPEL looks ok also.. but
need to make sure it still follows what people want
Oct 06 10:16:17 <nirik>	smooge: ok, so do you want to try and poke at
that over the next week?
Oct 06 10:17:02 <smooge>	yeah. I will mail out a list. The big one
that I don't think matches reality is our IHV/ISV lines
Oct 06 10:18:05 <smooge>	alright, dealing with the buildsystem
Oct 06 10:18:12 *	smooge has changed the topic to: EPEL Sig meeting --
Meeting rules at
http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/Schedule/MeetingGuidelines --
Oct 06 10:18:25 <nirik>	ok.
Oct 06 10:18:34 <smooge>	we have to figure out how to deal with
packages that require stuff in a channel someone might not have
Oct 06 10:18:49 <smooge>	stupid frickin rhel-client/rhel-server
Oct 06 10:18:57 <nirik>	well, in the case of client, I think we should
just add that into our repo. Many people will have client.
Oct 06 10:19:04 <nirik>	(or is it called workstation?)
Oct 06 10:19:09 <smooge>	workstation I think
Oct 06 10:19:14 <mmcgrath>	I've been looking into some options here, I
think dgilmore has too.
Oct 06 10:19:18 <smooge>	I use CentOS for my desktop so I don't run into this
Oct 06 10:19:31 <mmcgrath>	It sucks to have to store 70G * arch for
just a couple of pakcages.
Oct 06 10:19:43 *	stickster_food is now known as stickster
Oct 06 10:19:53 <nirik>	would hardlinking help there?
Oct 06 10:19:58 <mmcgrath>	I think skvidal had an idea for this too.
Oct 06 10:20:01 <smooge>	personally I think we should just mix the two into one
Oct 06 10:20:38 <mmcgrath>	I think thats possible, I was talking to
seth about it but I know he's mostly gone this week.  I'll ping him
next week to see what he thinks.
Oct 06 10:21:07 <nirik>	mmcgrath: should we file a ticket on this so
it's tracked? or is it not worth it?
Oct 06 10:21:28 *	hanthana (n=hanthana 124 43 33 144) has joined #fedora-meeting
Oct 06 10:21:28 <smooge>	yes we should file a ticket. where do we file tickets?
Oct 06 10:21:34 <smooge>	:)
Oct 06 10:21:43 <mmcgrath>	yeah, file a ticket -
Oct 06 10:22:05 <nirik>	ok. shall I do that, or would you like to smooge ?
Oct 06 10:22:17 <smooge>	I will do so because I need to learn how
Oct 06 10:22:23 <nirik>	ok, cool.
Oct 06 10:23:04 <smooge>	just has to remember which of his 20 passwords it is :)
Oct 06 10:23:13 *	nirik has some more items on this topic if we are
done with the channels discussion.
Oct 06 10:23:24 <smooge>	done with channels
Oct 06 10:23:52 <nirik>	ok, we really need a push to stable soon... I
guess dgilmore was going to work on that?
Oct 06 10:24:10 <mmcgrath>	dgilmore: any status on epel stable pushes?
 whats the root cause?
Oct 06 10:24:11 <nirik>	dgilmore: any news on doing a stable push? I
can try and generate the list and post to the list if you want...
Oct 06 10:25:09 <nirik>	mmcgrath: well, someone just needs to do one,
but there is a issue that doesn't let epel_signers do any pushes... so
it has to be someone in epel_signers + sysadmin_build
Oct 06 10:25:35 <mmcgrath>	so its permissions on buildsys?  Something
just needs a chgrp?
Oct 06 10:26:11 <nirik>	yeah, not sure. dgilmore was looking at it,
but not sure if he was able to track it down.
Oct 06 10:26:25 <nirik>	I am happy to try a push again and see if
someone can spot the problem...
Oct 06 10:26:35 <mmcgrath>	I'll follow up with him after the meeting.
Oct 06 10:26:44 <nirik>	ok.
Oct 06 10:27:04 <smooge>	Ticket #881
Oct 06 10:27:11 <mmcgrath>	.ticket 881
Oct 06 10:27:15 <zodbot>	mmcgrath: #881 (EPEL needs multiple RHEL
channels per build system.) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac -
Oct 06 10:27:16 <mmcgrath>	thanks
Oct 06 10:28:13 <dgilmore>	mmcgrath: the issues doesnt include sysadmin_build
Oct 06 10:28:24 <mmcgrath>	dgilmore: what is the issue?
Oct 06 10:28:31 <dgilmore>	the issue is that rsync seems to be
ignoring group bits on directories
Oct 06 10:28:42 *	nirik was just guessing there... sorry to confuse the issue.
Oct 06 10:28:43 <dgilmore>	its trying to update time stamps on directories
Oct 06 10:28:52 <dgilmore>	and only the owner seems to be able to do that
Oct 06 10:29:09 <dgilmore>	even though epel_signers is the group and has rwx
Oct 06 10:29:22 <mmcgrath>	this rsync runs on what server?
Oct 06 10:29:47 *	knurd is around now -- ping me if you need something
Oct 06 10:29:50 <dgilmore>	mmcgrath: buildsys
Oct 06 10:29:55 <dgilmore>	and its local to local
Oct 06 10:31:17 <mmcgrath>	so rsync runs, and the source and dest
permissions don't match after rsync finishes?
Oct 06 10:31:34 <dgilmore>	mmcgrath: souce and dest perms are the same
Oct 06 10:31:42 <dgilmore>	dest has old time stamps
Oct 06 10:31:55 <dgilmore>	rsync fails to update the timestamps
Oct 06 10:32:02 <dgilmore>	unless run as owner
Oct 06 10:32:03 <mmcgrath>	so what does group bits have to do with it?
Oct 06 10:33:16 <dgilmore>	push has to be done with umask of 0002
Oct 06 10:33:26 <dgilmore>	and you need to run newgrp epel_signers
Oct 06 10:33:35 <dgilmore>	so that permissions are right
Oct 06 10:33:45 <mmcgrath>	and nirik can't do that?
Oct 06 10:33:46 <dgilmore>	ls -lah /srv/rpmbuild/epel/tree/epel/testing/5/
Oct 06 10:33:46 <dgilmore>	total 136K
Oct 06 10:33:46 <dgilmore>	drwxrwxr-x 6 ausil epel_signers 4.0K Jul 26  2007 .
Oct 06 10:33:46 <dgilmore>	drwxrwsr-x 4 ausil epel_signers 4.0K Sep  6  2007 ..
Oct 06 10:33:46 <dgilmore>	drwxrwxr-x 5 ausil epel_signers  36K Oct  6
16:32 i386
Oct 06 10:33:48 <dgilmore>	drwxrwxr-x 5 ausil epel_signers  36K Oct  6 16:31 ppc
Oct 06 10:33:50 <dgilmore>	drwxrwxr-x 4 ausil epel_signers  20K Oct  6
16:31 SRPMS
Oct 06 10:33:51 *	mmcgrath is still confused on exactly what is failing
Oct 06 10:33:53 <dgilmore>	drwxrwxr-x 5 ausil epel_signers  36K Oct  6
16:32 x86_64
Oct 06 10:33:55 <dgilmore>	mmcgrath: he can
Oct 06 10:34:00 *	nirik does.
Oct 06 10:34:12 <dgilmore>	mmcgrath:  those directories are failing to
get the updated time stamps
Oct 06 10:34:25 <mmcgrath>	what command flags are being run?
Oct 06 10:34:32 <nirik>	humm...
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=323591 ?
Oct 06 10:34:34 <buggbot>	Bug 323591: low, low, ---,
ssorce redhat com, NEW, rsync emis "failed to set times on <file>:
Function not implemented (38)" with xen kernel
Oct 06 10:34:34 <mmcgrath>	is this an issue with a newer version of
rsync behaving different from old?
Oct 06 10:34:53 <mmcgrath>	or that? :)
Oct 06 10:35:49 <dgilmore>	rsync -avH --progress --delete
/srv/rpmbuild/epel/tree/epel /srv/web/docroot/epel/
Oct 06 10:36:52 <dgilmore>	mmcgrath: i think its that bug
Oct 06 10:36:56 *	quaid_ is now known as quaid
Oct 06 10:37:13 <dgilmore>	though we are not runninga  xen kernel
Oct 06 10:37:29 *	quaid is here late, forgot to fix this one on is schedule, sry
Oct 06 10:38:45 *	smooge slaps quaid with a new marketing project
Oct 06 10:39:03 <quaid>	ouch
Oct 06 10:39:27 *	smooge gets hit back with a Key Performance
Indicator and SMART goals
Oct 06 10:39:45 *	nirik is good at finding bugs... now fixing them on
the other hand is harder. ;)
Oct 06 10:40:23 *	linuxguru (n=linuxgur unaffiliated/linuxguru) has
joined #fedora-meeting
Oct 06 10:41:16 <smooge>	nirik, did you have other bugs on the list?
Oct 06 10:41:56 *	lxo has quit ("later")
Oct 06 10:42:08 <nirik>	oh, for the buildsys? no, just wanted to get a
stable push done asap, and it would be nice if epel_signers could push
Oct 06 10:42:10 *	jyulliano has quit ("Saindo")
Oct 06 10:42:30 <nirik>	if we can fix the pushing, perhaps we can get
knurd to do stable pushes again too. ;)
Oct 06 10:42:57 <knurd>	I actually had one on my todo list; but rpm
fusion kept me busy and I forgot it
Oct 06 10:43:14 <knurd>	if I should go ahead and prepare one for early
next week or something let me know
Oct 06 10:43:37 <nirik>	knurd: well, there is a issue with pushing
(see above), so that will need to get fixed first.
Oct 06 10:43:57 <nirik>	oh, I did have one more thing... I hope to
file bugs on the epel4 broken deps soon...
Oct 06 10:44:13 <knurd>	k; so I suppose we wait for the fix, do a
push, and I prepare a stable move for 5 to 7 days later
Oct 06 10:44:34 <nirik>	knurd: well, dgilmore has been doing normal
testing pushes... (since he owns the dir it works for him)
Oct 06 10:45:01 <knurd>	I can also prepare a push and hand the list of
packages to dgilmore
Oct 06 10:45:18 <nirik>	that could be good too... would that work for
you dgilmore ?
Oct 06 10:48:05 <nirik>	anyhow, don't have anything more on buildsys.
Oct 06 10:48:10 <nirik>	smooge: were there more topics for today?
Oct 06 10:48:21 <smooge>	no thats about it
Oct 06 10:48:44 <smooge>	plague is still our buildsystem, and koji is
in the far future
Oct 06 10:48:56 <mmcgrath>	:)
Oct 06 10:49:21 <smooge>	I have some other items but they will go to
the list first and then we will see if they have any traction or are
the idle ramblings of a madman
Oct 06 10:49:35 <smooge>	any other EPEL topics?
Oct 06 10:49:41 <f13>	to be fair, the discussions regarding external
repos in koji have picked up again, now that we're mostly through the
intrusion nightmare.
Oct 06 10:50:01 *	mmcgrath isn't sure what the intrusions had to do
with koji development but ok
Oct 06 10:50:08 <dgilmore>	knurd, nirik: that would work
Oct 06 10:50:20 *	lxo (n=aoliva 201 82 112 27) has joined #fedora-meeting
Oct 06 10:50:26 <f13>	mmcgrath: the koji developers were extremely
busy with internal tasks related to the intrusions.
Oct 06 10:50:38 <mmcgrath>	ah
Oct 06 10:50:45 <f13>	and then catching up on other work that was
missed due to said tasks
Oct 06 10:50:46 <knurd>	dgilmore, do you want to do another push or
shall I prepare one with the stuff that's in the repo right now?
Oct 06 10:50:49 <nirik>	f13: thats good news... any eta on something
we can use? or still all handwavey?
Oct 06 10:51:00 <f13>	hand wavey
Oct 06 10:51:02 <smooge>	f13, I am being fair.. it was listed as being
next year which for a weekly meeting is far in the future.
Oct 06 10:51:34 <smooge>	f13, and I am glad it is being worked on at
some point.. having a bodhi link will help
Oct 06 10:51:42 <knurd>	dgilmore, ohh, I see, you just did a push a
few minutes ago
Oct 06 10:52:17 *	che has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
Oct 06 10:55:42 *	smooge has changed the topic to: Channel is used by
various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note
that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora
please ask
Oct 06 10:56:15 <smooge>	hmmm need a zodbot to reset the channel topic
Oct 06 10:56:35 *	LetoTo1 is now known as LetoTo
Oct 06 10:58:11 *	smooge has changed the topic to: Channel is used by
various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note
that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora
please ask in #fedora | See
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/FedoraMeetingChannel for
meeting schedule.  Happy Hacking!
Oct 06 10:58:28 *	notting (n=notting redhat/notting) has joined #fedora-meeting
Oct 06 10:58:33 *	hanthana has quit ("Leaving")
Oct 06 10:59:05 <dgilmore>	knurd: yep just did one

Stephen J Smoogen. -- BSD/GNU/Linux
How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed
in a naughty world. = Shakespeare. "The Merchant of Venice"

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