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RHEL5 Client packages missing on the builders (was: Re: [Fwd: Build Error (Job 396): wesnoth-1_2_8-1_el5 on fedora-5-epel])

On 10.10.2008 00:40, Paul Howarth wrote:
On Thu, 9 Oct 2008 11:19:37 -0500 (CDT)
"Jon Ciesla" <limb jcomserv net> wrote:

Trying to build wesnoth for EPEL-5.  Had the branch created, copied
the bits from FC-6, and built.  The failure is below.  The crucial
part is in the job.log:

ERROR: Bad build req: No Package Found for fribidi-devel. Exiting.

Except that fribidi-devel exists in RHEL5.  The Fedora fribidi
maintainer is at a loss:


. . .as am I.

I've been banging my head against this for while.  Any thoughts?

fribidi is in RHEL5 Client but not RHEL5 Server, though I thought EPEL
built against a combined set of packages from the two...

Is anybody with the proper access to the builders is working on fixing this soon? Complains like this have shown up multiple times in the past few days.

Is this ticket meant for fixing this?

Not sure, but if I'd get that ticket in my inbox I wouldn't do anything as it seems a bit confusing to me ;-)

In case it helps: It long ago was agreed on to lot split EPEL in client and server add-on repos for RHEL5, as that would complicate things for packagers and users a lot; there was the idea to have a yum-plugin that automatically hides those epel packages that require things that are only part of the other RHEL5 variant -- but that was never written.

On the buildsys we afaik always had the packages from both client and server. When did that break? From the number of reports (that increased over the past few days afaics) it seems not that long ago...


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