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Re: portaudio in EL-5?

I don't know if this is fixed in the branch for EL-5 - but the fedora portaudio RPMs obsolete ESD which causes problems because gnome links against ESD.

RPM doesn't handle it well - it blindly removes ESD and installs portaudio leaving gnome broken due to lack of shared libraries.

Any EL5 build of port audio must not package the /usr/bin/esd compatibility script and must not obsolete ESD. Then it installs just fine, I've done it.

Jeffrey Ollie wrote:
I see that portaudio was branched for EL-5, but it doesn't appear that
any builds were done.  Is there are reason that I shouldn't update the
branch to v19 and issue a build?  I'd like to test building of
Asterisk 1.6 on EL-5 and there is a modules that makes use of
portaudio.  The module is optional, but it'd be nice to keep the spec
files in sync with Fedora without a lot of %if magic.

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