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pushing packages to stable

Yesterday a request to move a package to stable early was made.  I denied it 
because the reason given was "due to popular customer demand"  there is no way 
to measure that. and the next stable push will be just over a week away.  

To Date the only reason that packages have been pushed to stable early has 
been security issues.   if you point epel_signers at a bug that mentions a CVE 
we will push the package to stable.  But i wanted to open up the discussion 
here.  EPEL is supposed to be stable and slower moving than fedora.  the 
package in question happened to be built yesterday.  and it was an update of 
an existing package.  so it really should live in testing for a little while.

I wanted to make sure that for security issues you can get a packaged pushed 
to stable at any time. Everything else should go though a period of testing. 


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