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Re: Plague on EL5

[root bcfg2 ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS release 5.2 (Final)
[root bcfg2 ~]# rpm -q plague
[root bcfg2 ~]# plague-client build plague plague- el5
Package plague enqueued.  Job ID: 6.

please help me to know whats different between your setup and mine.
because it works for me.

I think at this point irc might be easier than a million emails.


> EL5:
> $ rpm -e --nodeps python-sqlite
> (because yum requires it)
> $ rpm -q plague
> plague-
> (using python-sqlite2)
> $ plague-client build ...
> Server returned an error: Insufficient privileges.
> As I've said before. Still incompatible with python-sqlite2.
> It only works with EL5 if python-sqlite installed.
> The good news: yes, plague-user-manager "find" now works again,
> also with sqlite2. So far, the sqlite2/sqlite3 patches are
> still compatible with sqlite1.
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Dennis Gilmore, RHCE

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