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Re: Need to move Monday meeting

On 12.09.2008 20:15, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:

Ok lets make it 1700. since thats enough people. Topics:
[...] 4. Layered products (sub-repos)
     Many layered products (dogtag, spacewalk, etc) require newer
versions of 'core' apps.. so would need to be in a sub-repository to
be available.

I'd prefer to not go down the "sub-repository" route, as I assume that is really hard, painful and time-consuming to properly maintain over time due to inter repo problems (which could create trouble for our users, which then will be disappointed by EPEL in general). Especially if you want to keep those sub-repos supported for the whole lifetime of the EL release they were designed for.

I'd much prefer to ship the newer libs or those 'core' apps in question in parallel to the packages from EL. That was discussed for speex (a newer one than the one in EL5 is needed by recent asterisk versions iirc) and might solve the problems.


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