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Re: Broken Deps bugs and fixes for epel 5

Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> Greetings. 
> I took a look at the current broken deps as best I could for epel 5
> today. (If I have time, I will try and look at epel 4 tomorrow). 
> (I only have centos machines here, no RHEL, and no PPC boxes running
> RHEL). 

> package: python-fedora-infrastructure - from epel
>   unresolved deps: 
>      python-fedora = 0:
> I don't understand this one... it's in there and should be provided. ;( 
> Anyone have any ideas?
python-fedora-infrastructure is an old subpackage of python-fedora.
python-fedora-0.3.x doesn't create this anymore.  The main python-fedora
package provides and obsoletes python-fedora-infrastructure.

epel/5 appears to have python-fedora- and
epel/testing/5 has python-fedora-0.3.5-1 and 0.3.6-2

Perhaps this is the same obsoletes problem mschwendt mentions?


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