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Re: is it okay to push 0.7.3 transifex update

2009/12/24 Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Dec 2009 16:01:58 +0530
> Rakesh Pandit wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> I would need approval for importing transifex 0.7.x for EPEL 5. As per
>> ticket https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1455
>> 0.7.x transifex is required for infrastruture update.
> Infrastructure has their own repo, so it could just go there. ;)

Thanks Kevin, I had a chat with Toshio and it has been pushed to infra.fp.o .

>> For this, I would need approval from steering committee ? (do I need
>> to fill in any ticket, in case yes please point out)
> It depends. See:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/GuidelinesAndPolicies
> Does this update change ABI/interfaces from the existing EPEL version?
> Does it require manual changes to config files?
> If so, then please don't update it.

I will take back my suggestion for upgrading as migration of instance
running older version to new version would not be simple (may break).
Will wait for how cleanly infra migration works first and then think
over it.


Rakesh Pandit
freedom, friends, features, first

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