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Re: Packages with same ENVR in stable and testing repos (Re: next testing -> stable move for EPEL4 and EPEL5 prepared, details inside)

On 12.02.2009 21:36, Michael Stahnke wrote:
I think the cause of this may be that packages are not being removed
from -testing after being pushed to stable, not because packagers are
rebuilding without bumping release.
Agreed, I think that is what has happened.

Clicking 10 or 20 seconds in the browser would have told you two it's not the case for at least some of the packages (I guess the majority, but I didn't check). Just picked the first one in the list:

12-Dec-2007 14:55

14-May-2008 11:18

And it are definitely different builds:

[thl thl ~]$ repoquery --repoid epel4 --qf '%{buildtime}' obby.x86_64
[thl thl ~]$ repoquery --repoid epel4-testing --qf '%{buildtime}' obby.x86_64
[thl thl ~]$

Spec files are identical, nevertheless that's not what we want.


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