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Re: Looking for a "release manager" for "RPM Fusions repos for EL & EPEL"

On 26.02.2009 18:13, Michel Salim wrote:
On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 11:51 AM, Thorsten Leemhuis
<fedora leemhuis info> wrote:
In the past weeks there hasn't been much progress to move the packages to
the normal repos and to officially announce support for EL & EPEL. The main
reason for that: We have quite a few packagers that are interested in having
the most important RPM Fusion packages available in a RPM Fusion for EL &
EPEL, but afaics nobody really wants to do the surrounding work that is
needed. Hence RPM Fusions look for a volunteers (or maybe two) that act a
bit as "Release-Engineers/-Managers" for RPM Fusion's EL repos.

The position means a bit of work, but not to much if everything works well.
And the latter (making sure everything works well) is basically the job
description already; e.g. make sure the repo as a whole work is in healthy
state and now and in the future makes users and contributors glad. That
means things like:
Are there legal aspects to be considered? I'm a non-US citizen
residing in the US,

Sorry, can really answer that as I'm not really familiar with such things in general or with US law. But it's afaics not like it's a official position (or something like that) which would make you responsible for what happens in the repo. But you certainly would be a "contributor".

> and I'm interested in this,

Sounds good!

but would rather stay
away from having official responsibility for packages such as

A indicated in my earlier mail already: The main part of the job is make the repo as a whole work. That now and then might mean to take care of a packages as maintainer, but that doesn't have to be gstreamer-plugins-{ugly,bad} (which hans wanted to take care of himself iirc; seems he hasn't found time for it yet).


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