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Re: Looking for a "release manager" for "RPM Fusions repos for EL & EPEL"

On 26.02.2009 18:21, Adam Miller wrote:
I would be interested in participating (already package for EPEL but
know that there are some things we can't put in EPEL but would be nice
for EL to have). Unfortunately I completely lack the time to head up
something like this, but would be more than willing to lend a hand if
I am able.

RPM Fusion (and its EL repos) is a open project just like Fedora and of course any help to improve it is highly appreciated. ;-)

RPM Fusion further uses similar rules -- round about the Fedora and EPEL guidelines and rules with a few small exceptions/adjuments needed due to the different nature. The infrastructure is also similar -- currently CVS and plague just like EPEL.

So if you want to package something for EL that can't be in EPEL that just submit it as review to bugzilla.rpmfusion.org ;-) If it's in RPM Fusion's repos for Fedora already then just step up as maintainer. The same rules as EPEL apply here: e.g. ask the maintainer of the Fedora branch if he's fine with you taking care of the package in the EL branch.

So if you have a few spare cycles just look out for areas where you think improvements are needed and "just do it" ;-)


On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 11:13 AM, Michel Salim <michel sylvan gmail com> wrote:
On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 11:51 AM, Thorsten Leemhuis
<fedora leemhuis info> wrote:
# CCed to epel-devel-list, as the audience there might be interested in
# this mail as well; nevertheless please send replies to
# rpmfusion-developers lists rpmfusion org only, tia!


As some of you may know: RPM Fusion ( http://rpmfusion.org/ ) not only
supports Fedora, it also wants to support EL (e.g. RHEL and
clones/derivatives like CentOS) & EPEL for EL >=5 similar to how RPM Fusion
supports Fedora(¹), as a lot of people asked for such a repo. The testing
repositories for this are online and filled with the most important RPM
Fusion packages for quite a while now; see
for details how to enable those repos.

In the past weeks there hasn't been much progress to move the packages to
the normal repos and to officially announce support for EL & EPEL. The main
reason for that: We have quite a few packagers that are interested in having
the most important RPM Fusion packages available in a RPM Fusion for EL &
EPEL, but afaics nobody really wants to do the surrounding work that is
needed. Hence RPM Fusions look for a volunteers (or maybe two) that act a
bit as "Release-Engineers/-Managers" for RPM Fusion's EL repos.

The position means a bit of work, but not to much if everything works well.
And the latter (making sure everything works well) is basically the job
description already; e.g. make sure the repo as a whole work is in healthy
state and now and in the future makes users and contributors glad. That
means things like:

Are there legal aspects to be considered? I'm a non-US citizen
residing in the US, and I'm interested in this, but would rather stay
away from having official responsibility for packages such as


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