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Re: python-iniparse should not be in EPEL5

On 19.01.2009 08:43, David Juran wrote:
I just noticed that python-iniparse got pushed into EPEL5 over the
weekend. However python-iniparse.0.2.3-4.el5 is already in the RHEL5
channel and that version should not be overridden by EPEL. Could someone
with the appropriate permissions please remove that it.

Partly my fault, as I prepared the push (but we don't check for such things there). But only dgilmore (CCed) can do the removal.

On a side-note, this is not the first time this happens.

"Not the first time" for this precise package? Or was that a more general comment?

Would it make
sense to implement some kind of sanity check in the push script that
flags if a EPEL package is overriding a RHEL package?

I'd actually say the push scripts are the wrong place -- a script IMHO should watch CVS and yell as soon as a EPEL branch for a regular EL package is created.


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