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Re: pexepct is in RHEL and should be dropped from EPEL

Mike McGrath wrote:
This is nice and all but EPEL is compatable with RHEL, not the other way
around.  We, unfortunately, have a one way relationship with RHEL.  They
decide what goes into RHEL, not us.  It would be nice to have more open
communcation about these things (I hope that is coming in the future) but
still, they can decide whatever they want to.

I would definitely say that since they're in the business of making customers happy, not us, part of that responsibility is bumping release numbers, searching for higher nevra and communication with the EPEL maintainers, so that their customers remain happy (rather then confused between RHEL and EPEL packages).

It doesn't seem like it's all that much effort... I'm not sure what the retiring-a-package policy is on EPEL, but all I'd need is a notification in the line of "don't touch that package anymore". It happened for perl-Net-Telnet, I'm sure it'll happen again for other packages I maintain.

It doesn't seem like much effort, either, to give us a list of binary package names they will support, as soon as they hit freezes for RHEL 5.X or Y.Z, or whenever it is they freeze the package list in a cycle.

I also think it's a reasonable request to make, but I'm sure this has been raised before... Have we ever actually ask them? If yes, what did they respond?

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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