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Re: pexepct is in RHEL and should be dropped from EPEL

On Fri, 23 Jan 2009, Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:
> Does this go to branching for minor RHEL releases? If so, I think the  
> topic was raised before and considered to be way too much work for the  
> small group of people that make up EPEL's core-maintenance team.

Yes, I've gotten this and can understand that as well.

But my question, I handed out to Mike before as well, didn't get still not
answered until now: Why do we _explicitly_ want to _break_ in EPEL what is
working and good enough since RHEL 5.0? Please show me the reason why we
actually really need to remove it.

Maybe we can't support each z-series of RHEL, but do we really have because
of that to explicitly break something then which would go smoothly by its
own? It thought until now, we're contributors and try to enhance RHEL with
EPEL if and wherever it is possible, but somehow I'm (nearly?) alone with
this opinion on the list...

EPEL is Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux, right? There are the words and
phrases "Extra Packages" and "Enterprise". Enterprise implicits IMHO, that
nothing breaks, everything goes smoothly; "Extra Packages" makes expection
to users of additional packages. Our current plan with removing packages in
EPEL that got obsoleted due imports into RHEL (instead of just freezing the
obsoleted EPEL packagesthem) has for me just less relationship with Extra
Packages for Enterprise Linux.


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