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Re: EPEL meeting summary/minutes - 2009-07-17

On Fri, 17 Jul 2009 19:16:40 -0500
inode0 <inode0 gmail com> wrote:


> Since I am one of the more vocal critics in #rhel on this subject I
> guess I'll say my piece here now. The reason I haven't before,
> although I have discussed it at some length with stahnma in #rhel, is
> that I don't believe I have any new arguments to offer. I just am
> persuaded by the arguments that are on the table already.


I'm not going to answer all your comments responding to particular
lines out of the irc log, as I don't think thats going to be

How about we list up the pros and cons and see if they are worth it? 

PRO: Easily end user visible marker for where a package came from. 
PRO: Other 3rd party repos use them, so people are used to them. 

CON: Causes us to diverge from Fedora
CON: Can be easily spoofed / isn't a sure indicator 
CON: Would require a mass rebuild of our packages. 
CON: Would need to be carefull this didn't change the upgrade path for
users using multiple 3rd party repos, or at least notify them about it. 

(more to add for either list?)

Personally, at this point I would like to know more about the end user
cases you are seeing where a dist tag would help. Perhaps you could
post some irc logs of users who this would have helped with (with the
nicks redacted?). Can we do something else in these cases? Would a
script help? 

Anyhow, I am not 100% against them, I just don't currently think they
are worth it. 


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