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Guidelines and Policies update


I have updated the 
wiki page with new info for bodhi/koji and policies as we have them

Please correct any mistakes you see or let me know... 


Maintainer builds the package normally using 'make build'
The Maintainer submits an update request using bodhi ('make update' or via the web interface).
The update MUST spend at least 2 weeks in testing, unless it's a security or critical bug fix.
After 2 weeks, bodhi will mail the maintainer to let them know it's been 2 weeks.
If the Maintainer requests stable at this point or the update has sufficent karma it will be pushed to stable in the next push.
Testing pushes take place nearly daily. Stable pushes happen bi-weekly on tuesdays.
Updates never leave testing for stable unless the maintainer requests it, or there is sufficent karma. (NO autopromotion of updates).


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