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Meeting today - 2009-06-12 21:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting

lets try this again. 

In todays FESCo meeting there was dicsussion about the state of EPEL. 

It was decided: 

1) monthly EPEL reports are needed
2) trac will be Rel-eng to cover build items
3) need to find a RH contact to deal with crossed over packages
4) weekly meetings need to be done and figured out how to do
5) FESCO will help as needed to get this going again

I am going to try again to get regular meetings started. 

Last time that worked for everyone was fridays at 21:00UTC, so I will
try a meeting today. 

IF you cannot make that meeting, please provide an alternate time that
can make. If enough people show up and step up as interested, I would
be happy to step down in favor of them. Failing that I will keep


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