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EPEL IRC meeting summary/minutes - 2009-06-12

We did meet today. We determined we will continue to meet at this time
until we have another meeting time. 

fedora-meeting: EPEL meeting - 2009-06-12

Meeting started by nirik at 21:00:02 UTC.

Action Items
stahnma will send to list about bug day
stahnma will try to move many of the wiki meeting logs into the correct namespace
dgilmore and SmootherFrOgZ will work on bodhi/koji.
stahnma will try to finish preparing the EL5 push...
nirik will post the meeting logs to the mailing list and ask about meeting times again.
LinuxCode changed wiki to reflect new meeting time

People Present (lines said):
nirik (88)
stahnma (48)
Jeff_S (25)
LinuxCode (22)
dgilmore (13)
rayvd (8)
abadger1999 (7)
mmcgrath (5)
SmootherFrOgZ (5)
zodbot (1)
schlobinux_ (1)





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